Fireworks Safety
By Fire Investigations and Inspections Division
July 4, 2020

You're ready to enjoy your fireworks, and we're ready to see your pictures of your show.

A few tips for you to remember to keep safe tonight:

1. Only light fireworks under the supervsion of an adult.

2. Pick a spot that is not on any combustible material, such as grass or cardboard to light them.

3. Make sure windows are closed if you're lighting them near your home. The phosphorus has been known to enter open windows and ignite curtains, carpets, etc.

4. Check overhead to make sure you dont have any obstructions, such as trees or power lines.

5. Never fire fireworks towards a home or other people.

6. Keep a source of water, such as a water hose or full bucket handy just in case a hot piece of phosphorus ignites material.

7. Allow plenty of time after firing to make sure the containers are cool to the touch before discarding them.

Let's have a safe and happy celebration this evening.