Winter Outdoor Burning
January 2, 2020

A Happy New Year from us here at Blacksburg Volunteer Fire Department.

The winter months bring about the need for yard cleaning; this can include yard debris burning. The winter months are also wildfire season in South Carolina. A small ember can travel up to a mile away and ignite a wildfire. Low humidity, dry fuels, and slight winds is the perfect remedy to ignite a potentially devastating wildfire.

When burning, keep these helpful tips in mind:
1. Only yard debris may be burned. It is unlawful to burn anything other than grass, leaves, twigs, tree limbs, etc.
2. Build a fire pit out of concrete blocks or other noncombustible material. Clear at least 15 feet around it. Only burn in the fire pit.
3. Keep a water source handy (hose, bucket of water, etc.)
4. Keep your fire length short (usually no more than 3 feet tall)
5. When you are done burning, take a shovel and water and mix your pit until it is cool, and the fire is out. NEVER leave a fire unattended for any reason.

Of course, bonfires are a wonderful activity this time of year. Follow the same tips, and keep your get-together safe.

Let's start the year off fire safe and Fire Wise!