Fire Safety is Everyone's Business!
September 28, 2019

According to the Office of the State Fire Marshal, there have been 45 fire related deaths in South Carolina this year. Of these, 88% of fatalities occurred in a fire in their home. 13% were multiple fatality fires. 62% of fire victims so far this year were male.

The top listed causes of fires were, in order:

1. Smoking (16 deaths)
2. Electrical (5 deaths)
3. Undetermined (5 deaths)

Fire safety is everyone's business. As we approach fire safety week, now is the time to emphasize safety in your home or place of business. A no cost home safety survey may be completed by personnel of the Blacksburg Fire Department to check and install or replace smoke alarms, give advice about overloaded outlets, and other safety factors. If you own a business or commercial structure in town, you must have a fire inspection conducted as soon as possible. All commercial and industrial structures are required to undergo at least one fire inspection per year.

Everyone is responsible for safety; let us help you achieve the best level of safety possible.