Hurricane Florence Update
September 12, 2018

Good afternoon Blacksburg/Cherokee County Citizens. We would like to keep everyone up to date with the current Hurricane predictions and shelter/evacuation process in the Blacksburg area. There will be predetermine locations for those who seek shelter during the storm per Emergency Management (EM). Once these locations are open, we will notify everyone of these locations. As the Blacksburg Fire Department evacuates those in flood plane areas, we would ask for everyone to stay safe during the storm. If you encounter ANY emergency, please call 911, as emergency crews will respond to you as quickly as possible. For any other assistance, you can call Blacksburg Fire Department at (864)839-6061 as we will prioritize the calls at they come. Keep in mind that your life and safety is paramount to us and we ask you all to stay safe for the duration of the storm. Thanks for thanks for your support. 1900