Mutual Aid For 40 Acre Wildfire
April 5, 2018

On 4/4/18, at approximately 3:05pm, Blacksburg Fire Department was requested for mutual aid with Grover, Bethlehem, and Cleveland County in North Carolina referencing a fast moving wildfire.

Upon arrival, a crew of three firefighters were assigned to walk approximately 300 yards into the woodland, contact the left flank of the fire, and begin digging dry line to contain the left flank, working their way to the head of the fire.

Engine 94 supplied water to brush trucks for spot fire control.

After approximately 3.5 hours, the fire was reported 100% contained.

A good lesson to take away from this incident is the idea that wildfires can't happen in this region is false. Practice safe burning when burning outdoors. A good rule of thumb is to never burn when the humidity is below 35% or the wind is faster than 5 mph.